adding a key and reprogamming

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adding a key and reprogamming

Post by sirdmark »

Hello everyone,
a nice day out there today and I hope I will get my keys done today.

I Bought Lexia3/PP2000 (40£) and replaced my 20-year-old laptop's (Sony Vaio ) battery (19.90 £) . Installed and test run pp2000 and it works.
I bought the key code from My Peugeot Dealer for 35£ and bought two Keys + new fobs from Wish 12£. Had the key cut 7.5£ each.

It all started back in July 20th.

Now I can start. Just as of precaution.

I didn't find a proper guide ( Step by step ), but I imagine there are people here, who either know where to find one, or are able to tell me about the pitfalls and what to do and not to do.

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: adding a key and reprogamming

Post by IanL »

Long time since I did mine, but, as I recall, PP2000 takes you through the steps, once you have found the start point, and it is simply a matter of following the prompts. I think I remember, at one stage, it asks whether the car has front foglamps, and, naturally you need to answer correctly. Having said that, versions of PP2000 do, in general, differ, so you may encounter something a bit different.

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Re: adding a key and reprogamming

Post by gazza82 »

You got the immobiliser chips for the keys?

I did try adding a 2nd remote key to our CC but failed .. and was then told it had to be a new "virgin" key as you cannot re-programme an old one ..
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