IDing Peugot parts

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IDing Peugot parts

Post by JohnD »

Hi, I'm NOT a 206 Owner! But I've inherited some Peugeot parts to help me build a kit car, and I need to ID some of them to help me get others.

I'm using a Peugeot 206 GTI torsion bar as a rear antiroll bar. It's 20mm thick. I have the bar lever ends that I've fabricated into adjustable levers for a rear ARB. So far, so good!

Calculations tell me that the second bar will do well for the front ARB (mid-engined car). It is 16mm thick, with splined ends that have 20.5 and 19.3 mm ODs. I don't have any more info on it, not even which model it came from! And I need a pair of bar lever ends, to fabricate my levers as above.

Can anyone tell me which model this second bar is from, please? It would save me a lot of guessing and probably expence if I knew!


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Re: IDing Peugot parts

Post by gazza82 »

Might get answers from this forum too .... they tend to modify/upgrade more ...

Pictures might also help!
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Re: IDing Peugot parts

Post by Spitfire6 »

For a Triumph?
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