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Timing & water pump change

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Timing & water pump change

Postby Fihen » Fri Feb 22, 2019 3:07 am

Woo Hoo just finished changing timing belt and water pump on my 1.6 and thanks to KJ16V step by step guide I managed to complete it myself. Although saying that I had a couple of problems the major one being the water pump would not dislodge from engine resulting in having to get assistance from a male friend who helped me to smash the pump casing and with the use of a slide hammer he dislodged the water pump. The other problem I had was aligning the timing mark with the crankshaft. I was out by a little and although the engine turned over by hand the belt was not as tight as the one I had taken off. I removed the belt and re aligned marks and low and behold when I released the tensioner all became tight. So a big thanks to KJ16V for his excellent step by step how to do guide.
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