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Door Mirrors (again)

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Door Mirrors (again)

Postby IanL » Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:21 pm

Just replaced my LH mirror - the folding mechanism was stiff and I forced it and broke some plastic bits inside, which made it floppy. Fortunately, Euro Car Parts had a special offer on EBay (20% off) so it only cost £68, which is a good price, and it did have the correct plug for my car (two rows of 5 pins), as shown in the photo on the listing. Delivery was good (DHL), and it fitted perfectly.

I've dismantled the original one, so I have a spare mirror, motor and harness in stock now. The rotating joint was seized solid.

To guard against repetition, now that I know what's inside, I decided to lubricate the unit, by moving the actual mirror fully inboard, and squirting GT85 through a small plastic pipe into the casing, aiming down and towards the rotating joint. Only a short pulse required, or it drips out of the bottom and down the door. Folds in much easier now.
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