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Postby oggy30 » Sat Aug 23, 2014 5:37 pm

Firstly- a big thanks to the good people of this site, By going through previous threads & the replies, I've been able to bring my CC back to (near) life. Some things can be repaired, others do need to be replaced. One big issue is the battery. After looking around, I found a new 1 for £39. with a 4 year guarantee. :lol: Overheating problems not entirely solved but I did replace the thermostat. On inspection, someone had removed it completely-£14 from amazon & that included the housing & seal. Rusty looking expansion tank water-answered by capncol, was in need of a flush out & coolant replacement. Cost of antifreeze about £12 for 5LTR. I could have ignored some of this but while I'm going through things, it makes sense to me, to just get it done-peace of mind. The new battery is nearly charged & the old one was indeed dead. This may help with other prob's too! I've read on the forum of numerous issues because of a bad batt, so I just renewed it. Although others may find a re-charge will do the trick. Try a voltmeter, I found out just how bad it was using one. I found the cam cover breather hoses were cracked, so for now I used some duct tape-this is only a temp fix. I brought the leather interior(red & black) back to a real beautiful condition, using simoniz leather treatment £5.99 & COLLONIL classic shoe cream £11 for red & black from amazon. Then buff it & used leather sealer. Oh & by the way, My 206cc 1.6 16v uses a specific size battery. It wasn't listed for me to find easily, but I think it was capncol or grandadmonkey that advised to be aware of this. When offered the first choice from a good car spares I noticed it was taller and narrower than the one I had. I gave them the old one & discovered it uses the same as the 2LTR cc. The 1.6 16v is the CC unicorn!! Im 45 yrs old & in honesty I'm having to learn & take advice & instruction on how to do these things the right way. And yes I'm sure there is probably more money to be spent. I really just wanted to show that not everything has to cost the earth & with good sound advice you can do some of it yourself.
And please be aware, there other places cheaper & just as good if not better than halfords. I used to work there & I can tell you the prices on lots of things are sky high. :yikes: So , till next time folks. :big-grin:
206 cc 1.6 16v black 02 plate. Aka-cheeky charlie.
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