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cradled phone kits for 206cc?

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Postby 206horn » Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:13 pm

Am having some difficulty choosing a phone and carkit for my 206cc - bluetooth would be ok as long as it mutes the stereo and works through the speakers and charges the phone like the older style kits. Ideally the phone would be cradled, but a) I can't see where this would fit and b) when I talk to installers they want me to choose a phone first and then tell me that it can't be done with that phone! It seems that these days lots of phones don't have cradles, but I think bluetooth can drain the battery unless the phone is charging and I don't want to plug it into the cigarette lighter because I need that for my podgear thing.

It was not this difficult a few years ago! I'm just wondering how other 206cc owners have solved the hands-free problem - where and how do you fit the cradle for example without bits of cable showing, that sort of thing.

Cheers. x
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